Birla Carbon Renovates School in Italy

The commitment of Birla Carbon Europe, along with state funds, makes the renovation of the Don Milani primary school in Trecate, Italy, possible.

Birla Carbon Renovates School in Italy2017-03-15T16:16:22+00:00

The Power of One, Interview with Birla Carbon CEO

Dr. Santrupt B. Misra talks about how the global company is capturing synergies of its carbon black businesses across geographies to create value and gain competitive advantage.

The Power of One, Interview with Birla Carbon CEO2017-03-14T22:02:48+00:00

Doing Business in China

"The spirit of learning afresh is alive and thriving there," said Dr. Misra. "I think that innovation's key foundation is that people in a society are able to grow based on their learning."

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We Create Entrepreneurs

"We work on the premise that when a manager grows within the organisation," Dr. Misra said, "he carries with him the inherent qualities of leadership and organisational management."

We Create Entrepreneurs2017-03-15T18:49:23+00:00
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